Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Briefly into the twilight zone

I thought maybe I was losing my mind yesterday morning, or that perhaps my blog had been found unfit for the web.

When I tried accessing the site yesterday morning I got an error. However I was able to log on and create a post. But when I tried posting yesterday's post, I got another error message.

Turns out Blogger was having some sort of a problem yesterday and some machines were down. The post, uninspired as it was, survived and life goes on. As do the uninspired posts.


GRT said...

Good to know it happened to you, too. Whatever happens to our archived blogs? Have you ever asked about how long they're kept?

Thanks for adding Logorrhea. How do you do that? I'd like to put DFW on for the other person who checks out TTRWNS

The G-man said...

Gene, I'm not sure how long achives will stay in place. If you want to make sure you never lose them, you'd probably want to back them up yourself. That's definitely one of those "do-as-I-suggest, not-as-I-do" things, because I haven't backed this thing up.
And I'd be happy to help you add some blog links on your sites, but that may require me coming to Palm Springs for an on-site training.
How does a consulting fee of half a pitcher of martinis sound (plus airfair, food and lodging of course)?

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