Saturday, January 21, 2006

Nipples and other things exposed that people intended to be kept covered

You never know where you are going to see nipple.

I was standing at the bar on the edge of the dance floor at a wedding reception in a ballroom of a downtown Portland hotel when one popped out to say hello.

The nipple, in fact the entire breast, belonged to a young woman who had been dancing with her male companion. She was wearing a black dress with spaghetti straps, and she was apparently having a difficult time keeping the skinny straps atop her skinny shoulders where they could do their job holding the top of the dress up. The top of the dress was something of a halter style, with the fabric covering each breast divided by a plunging neckline.

The strap on her right shoulder made a break for it, diving toward the floor and taking the flap of fabric covering her right breast trailing behind it, leaving the breast and aforementioned nipple exposed in the subdued light of the ballroom. The woman's eyes got wide, and swept the area around her, including the eyes of her companion, to see if he or anyone else had noticed as she quickly pulled the strap back up onto her shoulder. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed and she didn't know that I saw as I was several feet away, separated by a few people who were talking and drinking, wrapped up in their own conversations.

I spotted the young woman several times throughout the evening, often on the dance floor. She seemed to spend a significant amount of her dancing time trying to keep the straps of her dress in place.

Obviously, I crashed the wedding that a wrote about in my
Mayor of Dweebville post. And one of my regular readers, one of the few people I know who I've let in on the secret of my blog, was at the wedding as well. M made sure to give me a hard time about my ineptitude at handling the RSVP for her step-brother's wedding. And obviously she told at least one of her sisters about my blog post as well, as she brought it up at the reception too.

I briefly contemplated strangling M, except for two little details. One, we were in a hotel ballroom surrounded by a delegation of her rather large family and their friends. And two, her husband, who is also a regular reader, is a Marine Corps officer and undoubtedly has been trained in more ways to do away with an individual, and trained in using more weapons to accomplish that with, than I can even imagine.

So, I let her live. But as punishment, I made her dance with me at the reception.

That'll teach her!

But, all things considered, in spite of the brief exposure of my private parts, I was glad I crashed the wedding. I've been fortunate to spend time now at two weddings, a couple of holiday dinners, and one holiday party with this family, which was very much like my extended family as a child. I probably spent all most as much time at their house or with that family as I did my own as a child and young man. And at the wedding last night I got to see two more of the family members I had not seen in years -- the groom's sister and mother.

It's good to be with old friends. And if you get to see a little nipple, that's just a bonus!


Brat said...

As long as nothing was mentioned about me!

The G-man said...

Oh, Brat, you were indeed a topic of conversation.

Let's just say your name came up.

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Glad you had a good time G-Man!


Ari said...

Lol... one of my friends says its always nice to see them "in the wild".

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