Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Five weird things

OK, I'm participating in a meme under protest. It's all 3T's fault. So, here are 5 weird things about me.

My interpretation of weird is bad, so if any of these things gross you out or are over the top, well, that's just the way it is. Deal with it people.

1. I can't see straight. Yea, I have a lazy eye. My right eye crosses in, particularly when I'm tired. It used to be worse though. I had eye surgery when I was about 5 years old, which somewhat corrected the problem. If I've been getting my 8 hours of sleep, my eyes align pretty well. I still predominantly rely on the vision out of my left eye, and just use the right for peripheral vision, even though the vision in my left eye is not as good as the right anymore. If I really need to see something, I end up closing my left eye to be able to put my best eye on the prize.

2. Big fat hairy, scary deal. I am cursed with an over abundance of body hair. I've never really minded having a really hairy chest, but I don't think anyone anywhere finds hair on the back and shoulders attractive. I have not gone without a shirt in public since puberty really kicked in. It's scary enough taking my shirt off in front of a woman who I'm dating for the first time. Scary deal indeed, for both of us! Got hair places I don't want it and don't have it where I do want it, like on top of my head. One curse or the other would be enough, but why both?

3. Is that a Band-Aid on your ear? Yes, I had a bandage on my ear today because I couldn't get my ear to stop bleeding. At one point during the work day I walked into the men's room and notices some little scabs on my ear and rubbed them off, which opened up the tiny little scrapes on the rim of my ear canal. I didn't think much about it and walked back to me desk. Several minutes later I reached up and rubbed the inside of my ear and found the outer part of my ear canal filled with blood. I couldn't get the damn ear to stop bleeding! But the really weird thing about the whole situation is how I got the scabs on my ears in the first place. This morning, while getting ready for work I was running late and noticed some small hairs growing on the edge of the ear canal. I tried plucking the hairs, but I was trying to be quick and couldn't get them. Since I was shaving at the time, I decided to just shave the little suckers off. Well, the little suckers were stubborn and wouldn't come off, so it took several tries. Apparently, I pressed a little too hard with the razor. Didn't notice any cuts this morning, but saw the scabs later. Again, cursed by hairs growing in places they have no ungodly right to grow.

4. No, I wasn't just snorting coke. And to care on with the bleeding theme, for some reason I get nosebleeds easily and fairly often. A drastic and quick change in the weather and the nose start hemorrhaging. Catch a cold and blow my nose, blood starts to flow. Sneezing can start the fountain. Stress can set it off. I remember once taking a final exam in college and just as the test gets started, my nose starts to drip blood. Fortunately, I've learned a few tricks over the years to put a fairly quick end to nosebleeds -- put pressure on the inside of the lip with folded up paper towel, run cold water on the wrists, rubbing Vaseline inside the nose (if you have Vaseline handy -- but when you strike a gusher, even those don't always work. Sometime you just have the let the bastard bleed itself out.

5. Are you hungry? Well, if you are, don't come to my house. I have no food in my house. I never have any food in my house. My refrigerator is used for keeping ice in the ice box, water and beer cold, and that's about it. I actually have some soda in my refrigerator right now, which is unusual.

So, that's my 5 weird things meme. I won't subject anyone else to it. This is one of the place memes come to die.


Brat said...

What have I signed on for? Ok, so let me get this straight, on our first date I need to remember the following;

1. I should do all the driving

2. A razor, hair removal cream an at home wax kit, or just perhaps, I have a thing for hairy men that our bald! OK, so I admit that I think bald men are sexy!

3. A First Aid Kit

4. A First Aid Kit,A box of tissues and ice packs.

5. Food

It is a good thing I like you G! Now where was that big purse, I may need a backpack!

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Thank-you for participating G-Man. Well done!

The only thing that bothered me in your "weird things" was the no food thing.

Bring him some food Brat! ;-)You'll definitely need the BIG purse.


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