Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Brat goes silent

I've removed a blog from my Blogroll that was the first one I put on there. The site formerly know as Diary of a Brat has gone silent.

My friend Brat has decided to remove herself from the Blogosphere. I won't pretend to speak for her. Her reasons are her own. Lord knows I've been contemplating whether to do the same thing, so I certainly understand.

I'll miss her blog, but fortunately I have another way of maintaining contact with her. Not all of her former readers will be so lucky. But I knew she stops by here regularly, so if anyone wants to leave a comment for her, she is likely to find it here.

Farewell Brat.


Brat said...

Thanks for the post and warm thoughts G. I don't think I ever did my blog service. Sure, from time to time I was consistent and even had some thought provoking posts, but I just couldn't seem to carry it like you and so many other bloggers do.

I have kept a journal for a good part of my life and I like and need the outlet, so I will miss my blog, but because of the nature of blogs, being public, I was hampered. I was trying to remain anonymous (due to my job) and found it very difficult to do so. I wanted to come home from work and post about what I observed throughout my day (I had the perfect blogging laboratory), but every time I posted I felt like I was revealing more of myself. Which I think can be a good thing, but in my case, I often felt exposed.

It’s funny, just before I logged on to your blog, I thought, I miss my blog, I miss the connections I have made and I miss sharing my thoughts. I may down the road start a new chapter in my blogging history, so don’t count me out just yet. I am thinking that I may have a lot to write about come April 2006.

If I can say anything about blogging it is this, blogging opens the door to one’s soul, if you let it. I have learned so much about you, and other bloggers, but most of all, myself.



3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Beautifully stated Brat! When you come back to blogging be sure to let me know. (I do have your email address, so I assume you have mine)

You'll be missed.


Brat said...

Thanks 3T! Yes, you are in my address book. I think we may have something to celebrate in a few months, you up for a drink?

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