Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Too weird for words

I've been tagged by 3T over at Stumbling Through Life... and I'm not real happy about it. As I understand it, I'm supposed to come up with 5 weird things about me. She tagged me on Monday, but I didn't catch it until yesterday.

Lord knows there has to be at least 5 weird things about me. I'm just a weird guy (yea, ladies, I know, all guys are weird). But since I didn't get motivated to try to respond to this tagging yesterday, there is certainly no hope that I can even count to 5 at this hours. So, I'll have to try to deal with this later.

If anyone has any thoughts about which 5 things I should include in my post, I'm taking suggestions.

At this point, I can think of 1, maybe 2. And if I do end up using one of them, I may not only have to kill 3T, but anyone who ever reads the post.


3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

(hehehehe...) I'm sure you can find at least three, cantcha?

I could have gone to 20 on mine....But 5 I'm thinking is more then sufficient to run off readers...20 would have been overkill. ;-)

Good luck, I'll be waiting and watching.


Brat said...

Do I have to limit myself to five suggestions?

There is something fun about commenting without a blog, no worry of revenge!

GRT said...

Whenever one of those "pass this on or your first born will have two heads" types of emails comes along, I think, "Sorry, kid." Then I delete it.

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