Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Trees fall and dreams rise

OK, I realize that leaves of many trees fall to the ground in autumn, but now the trees themselves are tumbling to the ground all over Salem and the Willamette Valley. Sometimes they take out power and other utility lines on the way down. But don't take my word for it, read the Statesman Journal article for yourself. Prolonged, heavy rains and brisk winds are toppling trees like they were Tinker toys.

Last night I was telling my friend Brat about two trees that had fallen over not too far from my building in my apartment complex. But as I headed out to my car this morning to head to work I was confronted by the sight of another tree that had fallen overnight, about 15-20 feet from where my car was parked. Fortunately the tree fell between two buildings, although it had to have scraped one of the buildings on its tumble to the soggy turf. However, if it had fallen the other direction it probably would have taken out several cars in the parking lot in the row behind where I park. Some of the upper branches may even have reached across the travel lane and into the row of cars where my assigned space is located.

Fortunately, the sun came out for a bit this afternoon, but not for long enough to do much to dry things out. Rivers are still running high, some streets are flooded. Even the hardcore webbed-foot valley natives are beginning to comment on how much rain we've been getting. The forecast for the next few days: Rain and wind to continue which means more trees will likely fall victim to the stormy weather. When is spring supposed to arrive?


How would you spend $156 million dollars? That's the amount of Wednesday's Powerball lottery drawing. The drawing has been growing rather large for several weeks, but I have kept forgetting to buy a ticket. But I remedied that today.

I plunked down $5 on a dream, a fantasy. Yea, I may never win, but $5 can buy lots of dreams on which I can travel further than I would have on the 2.5 gallons of gas I could have got with the same half a sawbuck.


I'm just a week and a couple of days from my final planned date to give up the nicotine completely, including the gum. I'm in the one-piece-every-4-to-8-hours phase now, but unfortunately I'm still struggling to make it past the 4-hour mark. I was hoping to be up to 8 hours by Thursday, but 6 may be more likely. Sometime the 4 hours passes relatively painlessly, although the cravings are still there. Other times, the cravings hit me like a freight train at about the 2-hour mark.

The good thing is that I've resisted the rather strong urges at times to cheat with a cigarette here and there. I have not bought a pack in more than a week. But I'm thinking now that I may have to alter my timeline slightly. I'm still chewing the stronger 4 mg gum, which I think is still putting too much nicotine into my system when I do chew it. So I may switch to the 2 mg gum when this box runs out and potentially extend my program 1 week at least, to make up for my 1 week of flagrantly violating my program. But maybe what I need is to take some time off to alter my daily routines.

One thing is certain, I need to get past the cravings soon so I can start cutting back on the munching of popcorn, chips, candy and other snacks I've been doing rather than chew extra pieces of gum or, worse, running to the store for a can of snuff or a pack of smokes. I've put on at least 5 pounds, maybe more. And I was already suffering from the middle-age spread before this ordeal began. But the extra weight is growing uncomfortable.

However, first things first. I want to beat this nicotine addiction once and for all. Then I'll work on the other aspects necessary to be an irresistible chick magnet! Oh, that reminds me of other things I can add to my list of what to do with my Powerball winnings. Hire a personal trainer and a dietician.


3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

You're doing great G-Man. Those cigarettes you're not smoking have over 100 OTHER chemicals, that you're not poisoning your body with, by just chewing the gum. Your plan to switch to the 2mg gum is a good one. Allowing yourself the extra time to cut down on the gum is still far better then the alternative of smoking. (I know, I'm a hypocrite. Not really though, I'm cheering for you.) :-)

Sorry you're getting so much rain. We could sure use a little of that about right now. (No rain in over 100 and some days) If the rain keeps up there, you can always dodge falling trees for exercise. ;-) (I know, bad joke)


Brat said...

I think you need to remember that what is on the box is a suggested course. So if you add a week or two and you still get to your goal, it really doesn't matter if it took you longer or not!

I missed you last night, I was out causing trouble, or trying too!

Anonymous said...

I would rather date a heavy-set man than a smoker. But that's just me. It could be easier to take the weight off than quit the cigs but even if it's not, before long you'll feel healthier despite the extra pounds.

If I had $156M, I think I would cry. And then I would go on a six-month cruise on the South Pacific.

GRT said...

Um...this is a couple of days late, but I've been researching, and I can't find the info, so I'm turning to you as a last resort. You write "prolonged, heavy rains." I can't find that phrase in any of my dictionaries. Please help and give us a blog which will explain...unless the phrase is in Esperanta, and I don't have that dictionary yet.

Thanking you in advance.

The G-man said...

A dictionary? What's that?

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