Saturday, June 17, 2006

Am I who I think I am?

So, I log on to make a post today and now I have to use word verification on my own blog posts. Not the comments, but to make a post to my own blog.

The little message that comes with this verification thingy tells me that my blog has characteristics of a spam blog.

Can someone tell me what about this blog, seems like a spam blog? I don't think I've ever submitted posts about erectile disfunction or ways to make your penis larger, which seems to be characteristics of ever other e-mail floating through cyberspace.

I don't think I'm happy about that. No, I know I'm not happy about this.

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GRT said...

Occasionally I notice that the great eye in the blogging sky will tell readers of my blog that there is something questionable about it. I can only guess they've mistaken part of the title: Takethatrightwingnutscum and superimposed an apostrophe between the nut's t and scum's s.

I never even aware am I?

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