Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Now that's recycling

I learned something interesting today. My ex, from the failed engagement that was a regular theme earlier in this blog's history, got married.

I wasn't sure how to feel about that. There was no twinge of pain, but I must admit I was curious, so I tried to learn a little more. All I really knew at the beginning of the search was that the ex's last name had changed. What I learned was that she and her new husband got married last month.

They apparently got married the same place we were going to get married. That didn't really surprise me. The ex told me that's where she always dreamed of getting married.

What did surprise me was that the ex and her new husband tied the knot the same month of the year we were going to get married. To be honest, I forgot what our wedding date was supposed to be, but I found the date documented in an old post on this blog.

Then I learned the date of her wedding. There it was, exactly 6 years to the day from the date we were going to get married. It cracked me up. I seriously laughed out loud. That was just too funny.

Perhaps the date had some other significance to her for which I am not aware or have since forgotten. I thought we picked that date because it was close to the date we had started dating. Now, I'm thinking something else may have been at play. But, regardless, I can't help but wonder if her husband knows the something borrowed may very well have been the wedding date.

Way to recycle! Sorry I didn't get you a gift. I wouldn't have, actually, even if I knew about the wedding beforehand. But thank you for the gift. You made me smile and gave me a helluva laugh.

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