Thursday, August 25, 2011

Learning to bank on myself

The credit card companies, once a source of endless hours of stress, now merely amuse me. A few weeks ago I got notification from one of the banks with which I still have a card with a balance. The letter informed me that they were lowering my credit limit, due to information they had seen on my credit report.

I admit, I was briefly disappointed by the news, until I remembered I am no longer charging to that account and have no intention to in the future. So, oh well. No biggie.

Then this week, I get a notification from a different credit card issuer that tells me they are raising my credit limit.

I had to laugh. How can two different financial institutions look at the same financial information and come to two opposing conclusions?

Periodically, I still look for logic from these institutions. I still hold out some faint hope that a couple of the account holders will take note that I am paying down my accounts in pretty big chunks. The debt snowball is rolling and it is moving a little bit faster all the time. It sure wouldn't hurt my feeling is the interest rates on a couple of those accounts were reduced. But I now see that the best way to lower the interest I will eventually pay is to pay all the accounts off, one by one, as quickly as I can.

I still wish I could get the debt paid off immediately, which I can't. But I have increasing confidence I will get it all paid off. It will still take a while, but I've kept to the plan for more than a year. Just need to stick with it.

I am breathing easier. I now feel like I have options. For example, I've been putting off buying new clothes for work for more than a year. When the weather turns cooler this fall I am going to need some new long-sleeved shirts. Now, I know I can pay all the minimums on all my accounts and use part of the extra I pay for just one month's payment on my smallest account and buy a whole new wardrobe if I choose to do so. It won't be a fancy wardrobe, but it would be several shirts, a couple pairs of pants and a new pair of shoes, all of which I sorely need.

While I am at it, I should also get an eye exam and some new glasses. My current pair is several years old. I can afford to do that now if I wish to do so.

The thing holding me back on the new clothes and the new eye glasses is that I don't want to slow down my progress. I am reluctant to spend money on myself. In years past, I would have used credit cards for such purposes and not blinked. Now, I can, and will, spend cash.

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Gene said...

Good job.
The thing now is to keep with the prioritization.
Unsought advice: Our eyes are more important than our feet which are more important than...
(And we all know the worth of unsought advice.)

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