Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sopranos die with a whimper

The series finale of "The Sopranos" on HBO was not worth the wait. Fortunately I didn't have anything better to do this evening or I would have been pissed that I set aside time to watch the lame ending to what had been an often-surprising TV drama.

Perhaps the rapid cut-to-black ending was supposed to serve as some sort of a cliff-hanger ending and leave us all in suspense, as we were obviously supposed to think that Tony might be close to being clipped. But if that was the case it didn't work.

It seems that the show's creator, David Chase, who wrote and directed the disappointing final episode, didn't know how to say goodbye to his characters. I've tried to watch the last few episodes of this series which was once a must-see. But frankly, toward the end I didn't really care much for the characters anymore or their problems, large or small. Either they had moved on, or I had, but either way, the show is now gone and I shed no tears in the final frames.

So long Sopranos. Rest in peace and I'll try to remember you fondly for what you once were, not what you became, which was boring TV.

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