Monday, August 06, 2007

Gateway to Hell (Part 5)

Well, I finally figured out why my e-mail wasn't working. I needed to install updates to my basic software. I forgot how long it takes to get a computer actually operational.

I was paying a bill online and trying to look at a statement, but there was no software on the computer for viewing pdf files. Not to mention having to set up all the website favorites for the websites I want and need to access.

What I have not done yet is try to figure out how to recover my music files from my iPod. I have gone so far as to look a bit at what my options are for doing that. Unfortunately, I don't know what software package to buy for this little deed. So, if you stumble on this blog and have ever had to recover music from your iPod due to a hard drive crash, I'd appreciate any advice, suggestions or warning you may have about the process and what software to use (or avoid).


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

I don't exactly have a recommendation to make, but when I googled "recovering music from ipod" I got something that looks promising:

It's a program called copytrans, that's for the PC apparently (you didn't mention your platform, and market share being what it is, the odds are you have a PC). It certainly looks like something that might do what you want it to.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Oh, wait, I read the other entries in your trail of computer tears, and I see you have a Gateway (I didn't pickup on the pun it the title right off). So you're on an Intel (PC) platorm. A solution like Copytrans should work for you then.

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