Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sick and tired of being broke and tired

Pay day is too far away and I'm out of everything in the house. I need to figure out how to do a budget.

There just not enough money left after paying the credit cards and the regular monthly bills to pay for things like food, household supplies and car expenses. I get the stuff paid that I get sent bills for, and then there is nothing left, but still stuff I need.

I am tired of this roller coaster. I think I have my shit under control one week, and then the next week I feel overwhelmed.

Perhaps the only real way to deal with this is to get a part-time job. But doing what?

In addition to some more income, it might be good to have something to do with my evenings and weekends. It would have to be better than sitting around staring at the four walls and the TV, afraid to move or go anywhere or do anything that might take gas to get there or cost any money at all.

It's manic. It really is. I'm financially manic.

On a side note, I added Google ads to the site. I doubt they will every actually generate much, if any, revenue. This site just doesn't draw that much traffic. But I find it quite ironic that I am writing about my battle against credit in my most recent posts, and the ads being served up around the post are enticing people with credit offers. How is that for irony? I'll let Google do there thing and I'll just do my thing and see if it all works out in the end.


Gene said...

You're in the sweet spot of a nice career in journalism. Try teaching. There might be some junior college or private college in the area which has weekend classes or evening classes. With your experience in writing and editing you might find something in education.

Good start.


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Anonymous said...

Don't lose heart. I see in your side-bar you have Dave Ramseys and Suze Orman's tips. Excellent resources.

It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones. For where your treasure is there your heart will be also.

"I've learned to hold everything loosely because it hurts when God pries my fingers from it." ~~Corrie ten Boom

The G-man said...

Thanks for the comments and the support. There are good days and bad days, but overall, it is getting better.

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