Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Deliriously bored

For the record, being financially responsible is BORING!

I'm going more than a bit stir crazy. Summer is ending, and I have a profound urge to be out doing stuff, attending festivals and fairs and celebrating the wonderful weather that is left. Instead I sit around plugging numbers into budget spreadsheets that tell me I don't have any discretionary funds.

It sucks.

It will be good once the bills are gone, I'm sure. Won't it? But for no now, and for far too many months to come, this suck and will continue to suck. Will it ever end?

I really feel the pull to go out and do my part to stimulate the economy by spending money I don't have for the benefit of others. Isn't that the message we are supposed to be getting from all those credit card commercials that seem to be on TV every break?

I may be getting delirious.

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Gene said...

It could be analogous to a college degree: 4 years broken into semesters, or quarters, and accumulating course requirements.
Good luck and continued determination.

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