Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Johnny Cash was right about a spit-and-polish cure for the blues

The ol' wardrobe is threadbare. I was so relieved when summer started and I could start wearing short-sleeved shirts again, because I didn't have enough long-sleeved shirts to get me through the work week. The collars and cuffs of my shirts were worn out.

Now, with summer seemingly making a very rabid departure, I realize I will soon need to do something about replacing some of my work clothes. That realization left me hanging my head, which forced me to stare right at my scuffed shoes. It was looking like my shoes would not make it through autumn either.

I decided to try to cover up at least some of the scuffs with a little -- or a lot -- of shoe polish.

It was a great reminder that a little shoe polish can work wonders. While the old, scuffed shoes with the worn soles could not pass for new, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results. A little gloss on the tootsies brightened my mood. The shoes may hold out for a few months longer with a periodic shine, buffed by a brush.

Maybe the fall budget won't have to take as massive a hit as I feared.

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