Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ice, ice baby

Isn't one of the benefits of living in the Willamette Valley in the winter supposed to be that it rarely gets cold enough to freeze here? What's up with this weather?

Yea, it is great that we are going to see sunshine today, but with the temperature only expected to reach about 42 degrees, that's not the sort of homecoming I was hoping for.

I don't like cold weather. Never have. And it's seems I've moved back to Oregon just in time for an unusually cold winter.

My body has a very difficult time crawling out of bed in the mornings when it's cold. The whole time I was in Vegas it was considerably easier to wake up and drag my butt out of bed, even on nights where I had far less sleep than I got last night, and I think that's just because it was warmer in the room. And the irony is, I don't think we ever even turned the heat on in our motel room. I know I didn't and I don't think my brother did either.

When I lived in Southern California, Palm Springs in particular, it was not unusual to run into people who said they didn't think they would like living there because they like having four distinctive seasons. For the record, I think those people are whacked in the head. Why would people want to be cold? I don't get it.

I guess I can't avoid it any longer. It's time to venture away from the heater and out into the cold -- 29 degrees. There's a bit of ice out there, which could make the drive into work a little more exciting than normal. Several schools and school districts are delaying their openings due to some ice conditions.

And winter hasn't even officially started yet.

Is it too late to turn around and go back to Vegas?


3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Start booking a mini vacation to Vegas every couple of months. It will make those Pacific NW winters more bearable. (I got cold just reading this post!)


Brat said...

OK! Shut up G! I am not even talking to you, for several reasons, but we won't get into that here. Or will we?

I have had at least 7 inches of snow since you have been gone. Days and days of below zero windchill factor. The forcast is for snow again tonight as well. I think I need to go somewhere warm. perhaps Vegas or PS?

I think you need to suck it up boy! Oh and perhaps some loved one needs to send you a Northen Nights Down Comfortor!

That is if you still have loved ones. You do keep in touch with those you love right? Remember that thing called a phone? Well, let's hope so!

Geee, either I am not a loved one or my phone is not working? hmmmmmm. What do you all think?

G, should I tell everyone about the one message I got from you? It has something to do with me and Hooters....You guessed it. I feel so loved right now!

GRT said...

chortle...snick, snick...smirk

circe said...

I love snow but not the cold...brrrrr


The G-man said...

T, I agree, although I'm not sure if my budget can handle it. But a mini-vacation to some desert retreat, particularly in the fall and winter months sounds heavenly.

And Brat, would it have been better if I had bought you that Hooters T-shirt? Would that have gotten me out of hot water?

And GRT, I'm glad you find it funny. You are laughing WITH me right?

Circe, I love looking at snow-covered mountains... from a distance. Preferably while soaking up sun, with temps in the 70s or more.

Brat said...

GRT....there is a good possibility that one day you may find me across the dinner table, so behave!

Brat said...

Oh, for the record, that shirt will never be worn by me! And if you want your hand on my hooters, it will never be on your back either!

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