Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A shot of Tequila from an old 'friend'

OK, so I know I'm retired. But a guy can stop buy the old office and see a few friends once in a while, can't he?

So, there's this woman, right. And she's really hot. I'm mean she's a really hot writer. She got me started on this whole blogging thing, even though we've never met. Anyway. She had this blog, or has. But last year she disappeared for a while. There was this big mystery and all, blogosphere search parties were sent out. She came back, briefly. Made a few posts. Then boom! She was gone again.

The silence was deafening. That was December.

So, anyway, I just noticed that she made a post on Aug. 11. There's no explanation as to where she's been. What's she's been doing. Why she hasn't been posting. Nada. Just this obscure post. Then nothing else for the last 19 days.

So mysterious. I love it.

Bravo Tequila Mockingbird! Bravo Julia!

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Anonymous said...

I noticed you updated your blog to the new version of blogger. Does that mean you are coming back to the world of blogging? We miss you! One of your faithful readers!

The G-man said...

Ya never know.

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