Monday, February 05, 2007

More popular without me

The neighborhood has become more popular since I moved out.

This is the first new post I've made on this site since the end of August. To be honest I really haven't been around at all. I quit coming to the site at all until the other day when I decided to upgrade to the Blogger.

I hadn't looked at the blog stats in ages. So when I decided to check them out tonight I was stunned to find that since I quit making new posts the site traffic has exploded.

It's a bit disconcerting to realized the ol' Fishwrapper has been a lot more popular since I haven't been around. There have been no new posts to draw visitors. Many of the blogs that are linked to here, which used to link back, have dropped their links.

Once upon a time I used to do all sort things to try to attract visitors, but mostly to no avail. The things I thought would draw visitors didn't. The posts crafted with care fell flat and some of the things that were raw, and ragged or off the cuff that I thought no one would care about got the most response.

It is obvious I never been a star of the blogosphere. And after lots of reflection I came to terms with that realization. I never started blogging to be popular anyway. It was a personal release. It gave me a creative outlet at a time when nothing much made sense in my life.

I stopped because I didn't feel like I could be myself here anymore.

But I've missed it.

I don't know if I'm back for good or not. But this is one new post. And it doesn't link to a picture of heart-shaped nipples, which seems to be the primary reason people have been coming here lately.

It's just me. Whatever that means. Sharing a word or two now and again. Now. Again.

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