Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Songs to freeze your ass off to

So, I'm such a genius. I decide with the the mercury barely above freezing, that it would be a good evening to take a walk to the store.

Yes, it's true, I'm not the brightest bulb in the box. That and I'm a helpless, hopeless nicotine addict.

But for most of the winter, I've also been an extremely lazy nicotine addict who drives a few blocks to go to the store and run other miscellaneous errands.

So for some reason, with the temperature somewhere in the mid 30s, I opt to save some fuel, wear and tear on my weary old vehicle and get a little exercise while on the way to pick up a carcinogen to rot my lip and eat away my gums.

Fucking misguided pinhead that I am.

Well, at least the walk, while listening to my iPod, gave me inspiration for a blog post.

I decided that in tribute to my other favorite Fishwrap blog, I would start a periodic feature here. Over at Friday Fishwrap, MJ regularly features what she calls "TGImp3F" or Thank God It's mp3 Friday. She does hers on Fridays (in case you couldn't put that together for yourself) and she posts several music files around some theme. She does a much better job of that than I can or will, but I like the idea. So I'm stealing it. Or part of it.

I love the shuffle feature on my iPod. I like the constant surprise about the next song that comes up. So, I thought I'd share a little insight into me and my mp3 player, by sharing a little 5-song party shuffle of what the next five song in my life will be.

So, without further adieu, here's a taste of a tribute to MJ, except it's Wednesday. If you have a favorite music service, feel free to track down the nutty assortment and load up your mp3 player with these if you like. At the very least, we'll have 5 songs in common.

So, here's the very first Digital Fishwrap shuffle in tribute to MJ and western Oregon's stereotypical winter weather phenomenon -- rain.

Songs about Rain -- Gary Allan
Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35 -- Bob Dylan
So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) -- R.E.M.
Stormy Weather -- Etta James
Rhythm of the Pourin' Rain -- Vince Gill featuring Bekka Bramlett

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MJ said...

G-Man! I didn't realize that you had come out of retirement. Glad you're back, and thanks for hat tip.

Nice selection - I'm only missing two of your picks, Gary Allen and Vince Gill - but I'll track those down today.

Cheers and welcome back!

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