Monday, February 12, 2007

Kill da wabbit

I'm ready to take a hit out on the Energizer Bunny.

The battery powered devices in my life or deserting me. I feel the need to blame someone. So the Pepto-Bismol pink rodent tops the list.

Over the weekend I decided to wear a watch that I don't wear very often. It was a Christmas gift and I like it, but I don't wear it very often. It's got a leather band and is not as easy to put on or take off. So mostly I wear the one I have with the metal band. But for some reason this weekend I was in a leather mood.

By this morning the mood had passed and I went back to the old watch. I figured out that something was amiss as I looked at my wrist to see if I was running late only to see that it was 3:40. I blinked my eyes repeatedly, thinking that maybe my eyes weren't quit focusing yet and squinted at my watch. After confirming that yes, that was in fact the position of the hands on the watch and that I hadn't put it on upside down, I just stared at the watch slack jawed.

After the longest moment, I realized the watch had stopped. No biggie. The other watch is still ticking. I know because I checked it like 10 times before I put it on.

So, I switched to the backup watch and went on with my morning routine.

Then I went to check my e-mail.

For some odd reason my laptop wouldn't fully boot. I didn't have time to worry about it, so I gave up and headed to work.

But after spending the better part of my evening after work trying to get the damn laptop to start all the way, I realized it was just not going to happen. Foiled by another batter powered device.

And that's why I think the Energizer Bunny needs to be decapitated, de-drummed and de-furred. Not necessarily in that order.

OK, so I know it's not the damn bunny's fault. But I don't have time for this shit. My old desktop machine takes an eternity to do anything. I can launch an application and walk around the block before it's ready to do anything. With the "new" machine not working at all, that's an improvement.

I don't have the funds for this shit either. A new watch battery and a computer repair were definitely not in the budget. I don't think raiding the penny jar and taking back the cans and bottles for refunds on the deposit will quite cover my financial gap this month.

Fucking machines.

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