Friday, May 13, 2005

A little birdy told me

I was naive to this whole blogging thing until I came across a site called tequila mockingbird last fall on a link from another site. The name intrigued me, so I clicked. And a whole new world opened up to me -- the world of a young woman named Julia on the other side of the continent and the world of blogging. So, I started my own blog, first on another site, and then here on Blogger.

A few months ago, posts from Julia became infrequent. And a month ago the posts stopped all together. Speculation grew as to where, and how, the tequila mockingbird was doing. Loyal fans and new readers were still going to her blog site and leaving comments on her
last post. More than 200 comments in all. There was speculation about her love life, her health, and some nasty comments as well.

Well, if you are, or ever have been a fan of the tequila mockingbird, she
sang for us today. And she offers us yet another bit of wisdom: "Sometimes, life trumps blog."

Welcome back Julia, and get better soon.

So, as fair warning to the 6 of you who visit this site with some regularity, if my posts become infrequent in the next few weeks or so, I may be a bit busy dealing with an out of state move. But feel free to leave touching comments of concern and admiration. I will read them. That is, unless a moving truck runs over me, or I get arrested and jailed for trying to cross the Oregon border with a California driver's license. Or I might get kidnapped by a tribe of young women who turn me into their sex slave. Or I might get a nasty paper cut that prevents me from using my mouse.

Well, I'll send word if I can. Well, maybe not if I become a sex slave, because I may not want to be found. But, well, let's just play it by ear.


Brat said...

Damn, I thought you were my sex slave! Oh well, must start looking for a new one. Dick!

Tisha from Texas said...

I will issue an APB for you in the event you are kidnapped by more than five women as that will cause the fault line out there to erupt from the hormonal flux.
Congrats on the move. Looking forward to moving/horror stories.

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