Thursday, May 05, 2005

Five, five, five

I think my California citizenship would be revoked if I let 05/05/05 pass without paying at least some small homage to Cinco de Mayo, which is a state holiday here in California. OK, so companies and government agencies don't actually give workers the day off, but we all show up to work fucked up on good tequila and cheap cerveza.

Check out
MJ's blog for a cool photo of a Mexican flag and a little history lesson on what Cinco de Mayo is all about (like we need a reason to party in Palm Springs, where happy hour begins with mimosas at breakfast and ends with last call at 2 a.m.) Or Brat's blog, where she celebrates in international style with margaritas.

I would come up with some cool, unique post of my own, but that might seriously cut into the drinking time, and Cinco de Mayo is almost over. I've got to get caught up!


Brat said...

Growing up in the southwest, Cinco de Mayo was a big part of my life. Well, and I like any excuse to party!

No_Newz said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... that's all fine and good but what about the news?!
A-hem, I mean, hello! I hope you are having a fine "Friday", you know the day you are supposed to spill the beans! *cough* sorry, I don't know what has gotten into me.
Lois Lane

Ari said...

I heard a news story on Cinco de Mayo where some Hispanic woman of some importance that I now forget was upset because it's celebrated more north of the border than in Mexico, where, according to the report, it's taught in schools but not really celebrated.

She was irritated because rather than being about heritage, it was about drinking.

Sorry lady, that's what happens around here north of the border. :)

Besides, Day of the Alamo Dead would be too depressing, 'specially round these Texas parts.

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