Monday, May 23, 2005

This was not the plan

I'm taking a little break from completely trashing my apartment. Why is it every time I am preparing to move I only seem to succeed at creating a big mess before it ever seems I make any progress.

Currently, I'm trying to sort through stuff and be a bit brutal about what to keep and what to pitch out. So far, I've opted to pitch out virtually the entire contents of three boxes I lugged up the stairs to this apartment a year ago and never bothered to unpack. Some of them contain stuff I haven't really looked at or needed in about 10 years or more.

The day did not start out as I had planned. The first order of business today was to call the movers to schedule the move. But it seems the woman who did my estimate didn't leave any of her paperwork at the office, so the people at the office said the estimater needed to call me back. So I spent way too much time tethered to my phone and accomplishing nothing while waiting for the return call. Sometime I am way too linear in my methods. I try to do first things first, and when I hit a roadblock, I'm not bright enough to find a detour. I just sit there waiting for the road to be reopened. That was not an effective strategy today. So I haven't got much accomplished.

I called the movers back a few hours ago, and the woman I needed to talk to still wasn't in. It's not looking good for a return phone call today, since it is rapidly approaching 5 o'clock. So I'm frustrated, and still don't know what day the movers might get here, if they can pack my crap, or when I might be able to hit the road. And if I do have to pack my own stuff, I'm not making very good progress, although hopefully, when my sorting chores are done, I will have significantly less junk to for me, or someone else, to box up. If I'm smart, I'll get rid of a bunch of clothes I no longer wear anymore either.

OK, break's over. Back to work.


GRT said...

I'm thinking of downsizing to a two bedroom condo.

Your little blog didn't offer much hope...thanks a lot, bub!

The G-man said...

GRT, if I had the money, I would pay you rent if you keep the house (and for pool privileges on vacations down from Oregon).

The G-man said...

Oh, and martini privileges too. Can't forget the martinis!

Laurie said...

Seems you are making some progress just by getting rid of those boxes. packing is such a nasty chore. Sorry you are having a hard time.

Oh and there's a new thing called the cordless phone. Just saying, look into it. You won't have to be tethered. :)

Oh and I was so j/k there. please don't be pissy with me

mrsmogul said...

I am so jealous you live in Palm Springs. My husband really wants to go to Cali since he's never been. We are re-decorating our apt right now so it's a shambles! First time here.

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