Saturday, May 21, 2005

Try this on for size

The traditional gift for someone retiring after a career with a company used to be a gold watch. But what's the appropriate gift to give someone over lunch with colleagues after 5 years of employment?

Thong underwear!

Or at least that's what I'm assuming, because that what a so-called friend from work gave me on my last day at work. Obviously they weren't for me to wear because, first off, they are women's undergarments, and secondly they are way too small (as if a thong by its very nature can ever be considered not too small).

I think it was his smartass way of getting me back for making the comment the last time we were in this establishment that he needed some of those.

You would think if he were a true friend, he wouldn't have given me two empty thongs! He could at least have gotten them filled for me.

The bastard.

I've included a photo of the apparel in question (well, not the actual thongs, because these are on mannequins and mine, as I said, were empty (except for the brief period where I wore the red pair on my head).

And no I wasn't drunk. I hate to think what might have happened if I was.

But there will be drinking tonight!

Update: There was no drinking. I went straight home after work. The drinking waited until Saturday.

The latest in goodbye gift apparent. Thongs featuring a sports bar's logo.


Brat said...

Your friend called but I wasn't available.

Brat said...

Try to behave yourself, we all know what happen the last time you went out! If you don't, then you at least have to tell us about it!

The G-man said...

Does that mean you are giving me permission to be wild?

Brat said...

I just didn't want to sound like a nagging gf. No permission given. I don't want you blaming anything on me. Do have a good time though!

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