Saturday, May 07, 2005

Where do I begin?

OK, so there have been a few comments from people wondering what all this big news is about. One reader guessed correctly that I am not, indeed pregnant. It would be quite a trick if I were pregnant, since I haven't had sex in at least a year, and I'm a guy (in case the G-man moniker didn't give that away).

But the big news is that I've been offered, and have accepted, a job working for a publication in my home state of Oregon. I didn't want to post that on here before I had a chance to talk to family about it and try to tell my bosses, colleagues and friends here in the area about it. There are a few people in the neighborhood who know the man behind the G-man (and at least one person at work has found this site and suspects I am me). And I didn't want them to find out about it on a blog. Why I would think an e-mail is better? I don't know, but I wanted to tell them in my own way.

For those of you who stumbled on this site from somewhere else, you probably couldn't care less about that, except perhaps for the fact that I don't know what this move will mean for the blog. A change of scenery from where the posts are made certainly, and perhaps a new logo photo (the palm tree and snow capped mountains behind it will not represent the new digs). And a few other changes to the profile and other narratives certainly will be needed as well. But the big issue will be how much time I have to post during the preparation for the move, and at least a brief pause for the move itself. What I don't know is what my time will be like after the move, or how much writing I will be doing in the actual job.

In a strange way, the blog probably helped me get the job. The main thrust of the job is managing and editing, but there will be writing as well. I found I had missed writing with some regularity, and this blog was an outlet to do that. And the interest in the job I was just hired for was fueled by that desire to do more writing. So, thank you kind readers for helping me find my passion and my voice again, even if the voice used in a printed publication will be more formal, less first person, and use less colorful language than I've been able to do here. But I think there is perhaps enough of a desire to still be able to spit, scratch, belch and swear with the written word to maintain some sort of a presence here at the DigiFish.

So, life is in flux and about to get really insane, and I'm happy and sad and nervous and proud, all at the same time. I'm sure you'll get to read all about that in the coming days and weeks.

And whatever you do, don't let me forget to tell you the story about what happened at the party after work on Friday night. It's one of those stories that I couldn't embellish on if I tried. It has all the classic elements: alcohol, drunk women and waking up someone's husband in the middle of the night.

OK, maybe I could figure out ways to embellish it, but I'll tell you the real story first, and save the embellishment for later retellings over cocktails.


crystal said...

Congrats on the new job!

Brat said...

Glad to see you didn't sleep the day away after your wild night.

I am thrilled about your change in local but you already knew that.

3rdtimesacharm ( 3T ) said...

Congratulations G-Man! :-)
On all levels.
This will be good for you.
And for your daughter, having her dad MUCH more closer to her!
I'm happy for you.

Ari said...

Congratulations! Hope to read more about that embellishable story soon! :)

kat said...

Congrats on the new job, and good luck with the big move!

Tisha from Texas said...

How I love Oregon! There was a time in my single life had I not been 'tied' to a job in Tulsa, I would be in Roseburg OR.
Good for you! What type of publication? Oh, is that too personal? It's not like I asked your blood type or preferences, just your future employer. I am a HH PT, so there. Now it's your turn.

mawgawrita said...

congraduatations! Glad your not pregnant. I live in Oregon, what a small world. Bring the sun back with you!!

mawgawrita said...

I can't spell for shiit. lol. It was all the tequila I had last night when I wrote it, hence the blog name "mawagawrita" some one else already too "margarita" and I like it better with the proper sounding Mexican accent anyway!! lol.

ducklet said...

congrats! welcome back to the pacific northwest.

GRT said...

"For those of you who stumbled on this site from somewhere else, you probably could care less about that..."

"could NOT"!


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