Tuesday, May 31, 2005

No forwarding address

I've been calling to disconnect the various utilities and made a startling discovering. Once I cancel my DSL service, my e-mail address goes away. Disconnected and unplugged from the world.

How ever can I stay in touch with family and friends without e-mail? I figured I'd be able to sponge Internet access off of family and friends for a while until I got a new place and new services established, but that I would be at least able to access my mail until then.

Having no place to live for a while I can handle, having everything I own in boxes would be alright. But now e-mail address? How can that be? Say it ain't so!

It makes me wish I had kept my old dial up service.

Damn the technology gods!


Brat said...

I can help you! I knew you needed me!

Feynman said...

Email is so 1998

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