Tuesday, May 24, 2005

How many movers does it take... ?

I knew there would be some inconvenience and some major life disruption to moving, but I'm not sure whether to laugh for scream. Someday I may laugh, but screaming has the edge at the moment.

So, I finally hear back from the moving company this morning. I miss the call, so I have to call back. I get a woman on the phone and she says she'll have to call me back. She does, and then when we are trying to schedule things, she says she'll have to call me back again.

Then the woman who called to do my estimate calls, and asks if I still want them to pack my stuff, to which I say absolutely, because, well, because I can and someone else has agreed to pay for it, and I hate packing boxes. So the woman tells me the only day they have packers available is tomorrow. Of course, they can't tell me when the movers will actually come though, because there is some systemwide computer problem, but hopefully they will know by tomorrow when a truck might get here.

So, I may have to live among boxes for a week or so. Won't that be fun.


So, the mission for today is to finish throwing out crap I don't want moved to Oregon and sticking aside stuff I don't want packed into boxes, like clothes and such. The big question is, do I want them to pack up the computer? I would probably be much more productive without it. But also bored out of my head and unable to do any of the other things I need to do to arrange this move, like canceling utilities, apartment hunting, etc.



Brat said...

Moving is hell I tell you! It doesn't matter how far you move either, it is all hell. Try to think about a month from mow, you will be settled and in the swing of things at your new job and in your new place.

Anonymous said...

No! Don't pack the computer! Let it distract you!

Been reading your site for a while and HAD to chime in on this.

The G-man said...

OK, OK, I kept out the computer! If I get too distracted Caitlinator, can I blame you?

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