Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Confession of a cheater

I admit. During my hiatus I was cheating on my blog with a MySpace account.

OK, let me explain.

I know I'm tragically unhip. I missed the whole initial MySpace craze. I did create an account at one point a while back, but that was primarily to see what the hell my daughter was putting on her MySpace page. Shortly after a cardiac event and a frantic phone call to my daughter's mother to see is she knew what was on our daughter's MySpace page I saw the wisdom of not necessarily believing everything a teenage girl puts on her web page -- if for no other reason besides the fact that ignorance can sometimes truly be bliss.

So, I stayed away from MySpace for a while. But for some reason I got looking for something on MySpace and came across a friend who had a page. And then another. And another.

An odd thing happened. I started connecting with some old, and not so old friends. Most recently I've reconnected with friends from as far back as high school, including one now living in Europe. It's been nice to get back in touch with old friends and recall a lot of fond memories, that I didn't even know I still possessed.

I can't, I wouldn't, tell them about this blog. But in another place in cyberspace, I've found some old friends by cheating on all of you. And I don't feel a damn bit guilty about it.


Anonymous said...

So, you cheated on more than just me. Hmmm! Of course you cheated on your readers longer than you cheated on me. Good thing you came clean to all of us! Oh my!

mawgawrita said...

so what's the myspace link?

The G-man said...

If I divulged the MySpace link than whatever cover I might have, which may not be much, would be blown.
The is a bit of a personal creative outlet, or has been, but I have been trying to keep it separate and distinct, if possible.

Anonymous said...

ohhh come on!! you really need to post you myspace link,,, or the very least, email it to me?!

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