Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm gonna soak up the sun

OK, so my last couple of posts have been a little gloomy in tone, but by the end of the week I plan to be soaking up some sun and seeing some old friends in sunny Southern California.

I am optimistic that the warmth of a desert spring and close friends will be the perfect remedy for my spirits.

So in honor of my sunnier disposition and my Coachella Valley amigos, I'm offering a quick list of 5 Southern California/Coachella Valley/Palm Springs-inspired songs from the ol' iPod.

"Route 66" -- Depeche Mode
"Palm Springs Jump" -- The Frankie Capp Orchestra
"Hotel California" -- The Eagles
"California Dreamin'" -- The Mammas & The Pappas
"Back to California" -- The Wallflowers

And, as a bonus cut, another take on the Mother Road.
"Route 66" -- The Brian Setzer Orchestra

And, as a tribute to one friend who I won't be able to see.
"L.A. Freeway" -- Jerry Jeff Walker
Henry, thanks for the Jerry Jeff CD, my friend. You are, and will continue to be, missed.

It's just about time to...
"Soak Up the Sun" -- Sheryl Crow


3rdtimesacharm ( 3T ) said...

Sounds exciting G-Man! I'm glad you're getting the chance to get away for a break! :-) Tha Pacific NW rainy gloomy weather would weigh on anyone. I remember how good it felt to step off the plane into that lovely dry heat of Palm Springs, after leaving rainy Washington!

Here's to sunnier days, and fun times with good friends!


MJ said...

After a nasty storm the other day, Mother Nature has a beautiful weekend on tap for you here in the Coachella Valley! Mid 80's and nothing but sun, sun, sun...

It's also Dinah Shore Weekend so keep an eye out for the hoards of lesbians. You can easily spot them by our standard issue uniform: baggy cargo shorts, flip flops, tank top with no bra and a straw cowboy hat. I'll be the one in the white shirt.

Enjoy G-Man!

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