Sunday, March 11, 2007

They didn't even say goodbye

I was getting ready to get into my car, but something stopped me, froze me where I stood. I was standing there staring at the front of my neighbors' apartment. Something was out of place, but I couldn't quite figure out what it was.

I scanned the area for a bit and noticed that there were some discolored areas on the patio and suddenly it clicked. All the plants and patio furniture were missing. Then I noticed that the blinds inside the apartment were open. Nothing was visible inside except a couple of small plastic bags filled with trash.

The neighbors had moved.

At first I was relieved. One of the neighbors who loved in that apartment was quite nosy. She reminded me very much of the character of Gladys Kravitz on the TV show "Bewitched." She was always peering out her windows, day and night, or standing on her patio, watching the personal business of seemingly everyone in our complex.

But then, I realized that I had absolutely no clue when the neighbors had moved out. Somehow two old women who lived in this complex for I don't know how many years, were able to disappear in the night, or while I was working, or while I was hiding away behind my closed blinds. And I realized, they were also the only neighbors in this place I actually knew by name and had any sort of interaction with at all, as creepy and uncomfortable as it may have been.

Yea, I'm sort of glad my Gladys and her mother are gone. But I also will sort of miss them too.

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