Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The computer ate my blog-work

Yea, yea, I know. I haven't been around much.

But I have good reasons.

First, I got all caught up in the College World Series and Oregon State's run to repeat as national champions, which, in case you weren't glued to ESPN like I was, they did! Go Beavs! (And thanks for noticing Gene, I was touched that you did, and commented as well.)

Then, well, then....

I was going to say I got busy, but that's not quite true. I just sort of never got back here.

Oh, I've had ideas for blog posts.

Like the day I filled up my car with gas and was so thrilled to be paying under $3 a gallon again until I realized I don't want to be happy about only paying 50-something to fill up my tank instead of 60-something. I want cheaper gas! Like under $2 a gallon. Which, sadly, we will never see again.

Or like the day when it got hot and I once again lamented the fact that I don't have air conditioning, before stopping to realize it's only hot here like one week out of the year and I don't need to spend hundreds of dollars so I can buy a window air conditions to cool one room of my apartment for a grand total of 8 days a year. It's sort of like me buying a box of condoms. Good to have around, but let's be real, will it (they) ever be needed?

Or like the day when my laptop computer died and I was going through withdrawal without being able to check for new podcasts every 5 minutes on iTunes or check my e-mail while brushing my teeth.

And perhaps the dead laptop, as much as anything, has kept me away. My old computer is slow, and cranky. Sort of like me. And we get in arguments frequently because we are both stubborn and like to do things at our own pace, which is similar, in that that pace can generally be described as "when I fucking get around to it." Of course I want to be the one who says "when I get around to it" and when I want the computer to do something, I want it right fucking now. For all the fucking being fucking bellowed around here, neither of us are is popping off any orgasms, but we are both pretty well screwed. So, when we fight, I send it (leave it) to its office, and I go off into my room and we both sulk. Me, because my iTunes and treasured photos of family and friends are now gone, and the computer because it is a pain in the ass with a bad attitude.

So I haven't posted.

Does that bother you? Does that make you unhappy? If you want more posts, why don't you pay me more!?!? Oh, that's right, you don't pay me anything! So lick my Fishwrapper and leave me alone! You'll get new posts when I'm damn good and ready!

OK, maybe the lack of air conditioning is making me a bit cranky. Crankier than normal.

Oh, shut up! No one asked you to comment!

Fucking mouthy computer.

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3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Sorry G-Man. You wrote if funny, so don't blame me for laughing.


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