Saturday, July 14, 2007

Is there a time limit for napping?

I'm so bored. I've been trying very hard to watch my spending because money has been very tight lately. But I am struggling today to figure out something to do that would be fun and not involve spending money.

I may have to give in and at least spend some of my gas and go for a Sunday drive tomorrow or something. I'm going stir crazy hanging out in and around this apartment. You know it's bad when napping becomes a favorite time to whittle away the hours.

Yesterday, after I got home from work I was so exhausted. It had been a long week I guess, because by about 7 o'clock I just couldn't fight the call for a little shut eye any longer. My normal favorite napping spot is the couch in front of the TV, but for some reason, I flopped down in bed for my little snooze.

And snooze I did. When I woke up it was pitch black outside and inside the house. It was very disorienting. In my groggy fog, I remembered that I had laid down for a nap, but this was obviously not a 15 minute cat nap.

Once my head and eyes cleared enough to find the light and check my watch I realized it was 11 p.m. I had woke up just in time to go back to bed! Some nights I only get four hours of sleep so I'm not sure that even qualified as a nap anymore.

Of course I didn't go right back to bed, but even after a 4-hour nap yesterday and sleeping in late today so I could still get 8 hours of sleep last night, I still ended up taking a nap this afternoon. And the sad thing is, I could probably take another one.

Maybe it's the warm weather and no air conditioning that's sapping my energy and just making want to sleep.

So I'm bored and in need of a nap. No wonder I don't scare many social invitations. No one could confuse me with being the life of the party.

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Gene said...

Hmmm. All this has a familiar ring (resonance?). Oh, yeah! Am there; doing that.

For me, it's all the crapola coming out of the Bush White House and my singular inability to do anything about it. Not to mention...

I've found myself (gasp!) vacuuming the carpets in desperation to relieve boredom. How pathetic is that?

7:13 a.m. time for my

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