Monday, July 23, 2007

Gateway to hell (part 3)

There's no such thing as a short stay in hell.

When I arrived home from work there was a message waiting on voicemail. The before-mentioned beleaguered laptop was back from Gateway and ready to be picked up at my local service center.

So, I trotted off to pick it up and returned home to attempt to at least reformat the drive and get the machine operational again. After all, before shipping the machine off to get it checked for the hinge problem, the service technicians had told me there was nothing wrong with the hard drive, other than it needed a complete reformatting. How that happens when there is nothing wrong with it and more virus protection on the thing than would fill a cyberpharmacy, I have no clue. But I figured, what the hell, I wasn't going to pay service technicians to reformat the drive and reinstall the system software.

But the kicker is, the drive wouldn't reformat. I tried it three or four times.

So, it looks like I will be making another trip back to the service technicians where they can check the thing over again. We'll see if being 19 and having zits makes them any more adept at software installation, not that I'm going to pay for it.

Have I mentioned the fact that I will never buy another Gateway laptop again?

So the saga continues.

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Gene said...

Over the past 5 days I've spent more than 3 hours on line and on the phone w/Verizon and HP. All of the people at the bottom of the corporate food chains were very nice and helpful and knowledgeable. I, on the other hand...

I dread turning on the bloomin' thing in the morning...yesterday I got a non-responsive screen...turned it off...turned it back on...responsive! Why?!?

Gremlins (WWII types)!

Few of my "breakups" caused the degree of angst of which my PC is capable.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend problems? Don't bother me, I'm napping.

PC problems? I know. I know. Poor baby, I know.

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