Saturday, March 05, 2005

Mysterious visitors

I have this little counter that measures how many visitors come to this site. I like to joke that I have 5 readers, which isn't too far from the truth. On average somewhere between 20 and 30 people visit this page per day. A few days have been higher, reaching into the 40s, but the weirdest thing happened Friday.

Friday was the highest traffic day ever on this humble little blog with 80 visitors. With a little more research, I learned that many of those visitors were coming from a site called Doc Searls Weblog.

So, for all of you stumbling in here from Doc Searls' site, welcome. Doc's site features a lot of photos of landscapes and such, and he makes mention of the picture at the top of this page. So for Doc's readers' information, the photo is of the San Bernardino Mountains, which have been covered with snow for several months now as Southern California has been getting most of the moisture that normally goes to the Pacific Northwest in the winter. The photos shows the mountain range, which is north of Palm Springs, and runs east to west. The picture is taken from the south looking north from Palm Springs.

So, that's what the photo is all about. And thanks to Doc for the mention, but I don't think this blog is turning out to be his readers' cup of tea. So, maybe the info about the photo will fit their interests more.

We will now return to our regularly scheduled nonsense.


Doc said...

Hey, thanks for the blogback.

Actually, the photo stuff is new for me: a lazy-ass way to fill the blog while I'm going through an unusually busy time in my life.

Going past five years at doing this stuff, I'm still amazed that I have traffic to send anywhere; but hey, glad to send it.

Cool blog. Keep it up.


SunGrooveTheory said...

Well. That is interesting... Do you think it is just that the same people check the blog several times a day? That, or you could have invisible stalkers..

The G-man said...

That's all I need, invisible stalkers.

Yes, officer, I'm being stalked. Well, no, I can't give you a discription. No, I haven't actually seen the stalkers. No, I've never actually worn a straight jacket, why do you ask?

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