Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Spring Fever

OK, maybe it was hanging out with alums from my former university last night that has me reminiscing about college days, but I can't escape the feeling today that I really want to skip class. Um, I mean work.

I just got back from voting in Palm Springs' special election and then grabbed some lunch. I called the office to find out that my normal Tuesday afternoon staff meeting has been canceled, so I have a short reprieve before having to report to work. But more than anything else, I really don't want to go to work at all.

Call it spring fever. The clouds and rain have cleared, and it's really starting to warm up. It's already in the mid to high 80s. No long sleeved-shirt and tie today, no sir. I was reading another of my regular blog reads today from someone who live in New York, and read that they are being hit by snow. It honor of the East Coasters suffering winter weather, it seems only right to have a skip day.

I remember back in college on those nice spring days, after a winter of rainy dreary days, it was just so hard to waste the precious sunshine by sitting in class. And there were really no consequences to skipping class, at least none that matter now all these years later, but the memories of those few days soaking up the sunshine and breathing the warm air still bring back a smile.

If only skipping work were as easy as skipping class in a large lecture hall.


Brat said...

Is it spring? Isn't that snow I see? When is the last time I saw that swim suit?

Oh, it must be nice. Send a little my way. Oh and just call, I will call in sick anytime to play with you.

SunGrooveTheory said...

After the nice day I had for the drive here Monday, we had about 7 inches of snow dumped on us yesterday.. LOL. So. Send a little pretty weather my way, too, please. ::big puppy eyes.::

The G-man said...

I'm feeling overwhelmed by flirtation.



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Don't stop.

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