Monday, May 07, 2007

Dietary Catch-22

I took the unusual step of buying groceries the other day, which is something I'm not prone to doing. To say that my refrigerator and cupboards are usually bare would be an understatement. But I thought that maybe I would stock up on some food in an effort to save a little money and perhaps eat a little healthier.

But having food in the house reminds me that I have the unfortunate tendency to eat when I'm bored. I tried getting healthier types of foods and one of my frequent snacks the last few days has been oranges. However, I am afraid that I may end up eating too much just because there is stuff here to eat. Ordinarily, on a weekend, it may not be altogether unusual that I only eat one meal a day if I have to leave the house to forage for grub. Dealing with traffic near my house on weekends can be a nightmare, so I tend not to relish going out into that mess.

But what I really need to do is find new stuff to do. Different things. Develop some hobbies or interests that get me out of the house. Fortunately I spent part of the weekend out of town and it's beginning to look like I will have obligations out of town for the next three weekends, so maybe that will help keep me occupied and from enduring insufferable boredom.

It's sort of ironic. When I was younger I used to get myself involved in all sorts of stuff. I had to carry a calendar book to keep things straight and make sure I didn't have conflicts or had enough time to get from commitment to commitment in time. It would get to the point where I was overbooked and would get overwhelmed with events and activities. Somewhere along the way I learned to say no and avoid overbooking almost to the point of not committing to do anything or go anywhere at all. I took relaxation and doing nothing to the level of art form.

But I think the time has come to get back out there. Say yes now an again to invitations, get out and enjoy some of the local events, spend time with family and try to make some new friends. It's either that or sit at home, wasting time and eating my way through the week's groceries in a couple of days.


Gene said...

Ahhh. At last, a posting with which I have some expertise (i.e., not one about non-same-sex relationships)!

So. The first thing you do is to go to the veggie section of the store and buy packages of baby carrots (10 minutes in the microwave, seasoned), some cucumbers (sliced and salted), radishes (wash the buggers), beets (in foil for 1 hour--a few minutes longer if large--at 400 degrees peel season with balsamic vinegar)...these will give you great snackables with very few calories. Of course, non-fat yogurt and non-fat cottege cheese are a mainstay.

Bon appetit!

The G-man said...

OK, Gene, you are the only person on the planet that has ever got me to eat beets, now you want me to cook them too?

And are martinis allowed on this diet?

Gene said...

Yesh. (hic)

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