Thursday, May 24, 2007

Can't get no broadcast satisfiction

Wanting something is not always enough. Having passion doesn't ensure you will get what you desire. Deep affection can't conquer all.

Yes, that's right, I'm talking about TV executives canceling favorite TV shows.

One of my favorite TV shows of the 2006-07 season is/was Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip. NBC executives, in their infinite audacity, canceled the show, putting it on hiatus mid season. But I will give them credit, they have brought it back, with six new episodes on Thursday nights.

Of course the didn't seem to bother to promote that fact until like today! I caught a commercial for it earlier in the evening, so I did get to see tonight's show.

I know it's too late for Studio 60, but I'm glad we'll get to see a few more shows. But I don't understand what TV executives are doing these days. Their latest genius move is running shows for several episodes, then going into reruns, or substituting some other show for several weeks, before bringing the original show back for a few more episodes.

Don't these dumb shits realize that I really don't need network TV. There aren't that many network shows I care to watch anyway. But if they keep jerking me around with the shows I like, throwing reruns in a month or two into a new season, I can very easily get out of the habit of watching their show or channel all together. Between cable, premium cable and the Internet, I have plenty of ways to waste my time without their teasing little scheduling games.

The TV shows I care about anymore is a pretty short list, and that list is much shorter than it was when the season started. Studio 60 got the ax. Men in Trees fell out of the the ABC lineup but has apparently been renewed, although isn't impossible to tell when the next episode will air. Grey's Anatomy is over for the season. Brothers & Sisters is also over for the season. I guess it's time to put the series finale episodes of the Sopranos and the latest season of Entourage on my priority list. And Big Love should be starting up again soon.

I like Studio 60. I want Studio 60. I've missed Studio 60. Unfortunately, like many things in life, a future with Studio 60, no matter how desirable, is just not in my hands.

Thank God for cable.


Gene said...

Too many stories...too hard to figure out the relationships...too latezzzzzzzzzzz...

Now, Psych, Monk, The Shield, Rescue Me, BBCAmerica's Mystery Monday...hmmm. You're correct (I abjure "right"); cable's the answer.

(Nice new format. Easy to read.)

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

I loveloveLOVE the new look, G-Man! Very eye-catching, and of course the ocean theme makes me miss Cannon Beach...

I apologize for not staying on topic, but I just had to tell you how cool this looks.


3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

After re-readiong this post; your first paragraph didn't have me thinking of favorite TV shows..

Then again, maybe it should.

Big Love starts this next week! I'm hooked on it, although I still haven't figured out WHY.

Also, The Starter Wife started Thursday while we were in Manhattan. And yes, I interrupted our sightseeing to go back to the hotel room to watch it! Check it out on Thursday nights. ;-)


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