Monday, December 27, 2004

All is quiet

My hosts have gone to bed for the night. My daughter is still awake, but she's in her room. So, I'm the only one left stirring in the house. Not much to do, but watch a little TV and get on a computer for a few minutes.

Portland really is a long ways from Palm Springs in so many ways. Once upon a time, Portland seems like a foreign land from the small town where I grew up. Portland still seems like a foreign land, but for a different reason now. While I still consider Oregon "home" when talking to family and friends, it is apparent that I'm used to a different place, a different pace and a more diverse environment. Portland certainly has more to offer than the small town in this state, but it no longer seems like such a utopia, as it may have once to me more naive mind. Even the Oregonian newspaper, once a publication that I dreamed of working for, now seems a little more like just another newspaper. And the TV news here may be a little more polished, but I'm losing track of all the spelling errors I've seen in the captions and on-screen info graphics they put up.

I don't think it is the place that has changed, it is my perspective that has changed. I hope that is for the better.

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