Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Too much time spent on aesthetics

OK, so I spent time working on the appearance of my blog site tonight rather than writing for it. I guess maybe if I actually knew shit about html this wouldn't have been such a chore. All I was trying to figure out how to do was post a picture on here. I figured I've got photo experience, I know a couple of things about computers. Hell I even launched a Web site or two in my day (thanks to software programs that took care of a lot of that pesky formatting crap for me). I should be able to do this right? Hell no! Where's a 12 year old computer geek when you need one? I couldn't figure out how to get it in the rail on the right side, but I was able to get it up in the header. So, that will work for now. This is, after all, an ongoing project. The posts will be ongoing, and so will the refinements I suppose.

I guess I've finally found a new hobby. Or a new way to waste time. I'm not sure which. I guess only time, and the blogwatchers (if anyone even finds this fuckin' site) will tell. Although, I was quite happy to note that there was a comment posted to the previous post. How the commenter, who signed the post as ak, found this site it unknown (although ak does offer something of an explanation in the comment itself). I have no idea who ak is, but thanks for taking the time to post a comment my cyber friend.

I have also been spending some time the last several days looking for blogs about Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. I haven't found many, and several of the ones I have found don't seem to be very active. So, if anyone knows of any others, let me know. In the meantime, I'll share a few that I have found.

Florian's blog: Is a site about hiking and stargazing in and around the Coachella Valley. The desert and surrounding mountains are ideal for both activities, so if you live around the valley or are contemplating a vacation here with outdoor activities, check out Florian's blog.

Scary Obscene Offensive Agnostic Anarchist Activist Pinko Bi Switchy Fem Chick Geek Type: The site of a local graphic artist. There's some cool artwork here. I had to share this one just because of the name. It's a little long, but it covers a lot of ground.

Friday Fishwrap: I stumbled across this one while checking to see if anyone else had a blog with the name I thought was completely unique for my own blog. And it's a Palm Springs blog to boot (even if it does make my blog's name seem a little less unique).

Us fish wrappers gots to stick together!

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