Friday, February 10, 2006


I'm so ready for the weekend. And Saturday's Powerball drawing of $250 million.

It would be great to wake up Sunday and start planning in earnest on how I will be spending my immediate retirement.


3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Hope you have a good week-end G-Man! :-)


PS. If you hit that powerball, do ya think you could lend me $250,000.00?? I promise to pay you back before I die. ;-)

PPS. And if, per chance WE hit it, I'll lend you $250,000.00!

The G-man said...

I have a feeling if I won, I would get quite greedy and quite paranoid. But I almost didn't get my ticket purchased. So, I had to run out and do that after reading your comment, 3T, so I wouldn't forget.
And just how would you show your gratitude for the loan? And is it something that would get me in trouble with your husband?

Brat said...

And with ME!

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

LMAO! OK G-Man, I promise my gratitude only goes as far as would without pissing off both Brat AND my husband. ;-)

What I was saying in a roundabout way, is if we win (and we bought extra tickets this drawing) we'll give you $250,000. IF you agree to give US $250,000 if you win! The hubby has already agreed to this little arrangment if YOU agree. ;-) Ups both of our odds a miniscule amount. Oh, and if either of us win, we'll take you and Brat out to dinner too! But you have to agree here BEFORE the drawing. lol


Brat said...


Is that dinner in Italy?

Ok, since I can't buy one of those tickets, how about if either of you win, you agree to share with me?

Oh and G-man, the pay off did not include both T and I did it?

The G-man said...

Wow, if I had to agree to give all of my blog readers a quarter million dollars if I won the lottery that would be a lot of money. That would be like, um, a million dollars.
But, it looks like Brat is looking for more than $250,000. See how people get when lottery winnings are involved. Maybe I should just rip up my ticket now, before the drawing.
But, I will agree to the loan/gift, even though that's more money than I planned to loan my parents. I mean, they are getting old, there's no way they'd have time to pay back the loan!
And Brat, I'm not sure what payoff you are talking about in your last comment/question, but I'm intrigued. And 3T is probably frightened!

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