Friday, November 23, 2007

Nurse, what a hairy face you have

I am beginning to feel like I'm finally on the mend. The cold or flu or whatever it was seems to finally be in retreat. I'm no longer living from dose to dose of cold medication. After days of getting by on the nourishment of one meal and glass after glass of orange juice and water, I am finally getting my appetite back.

I didn't exactly have a traditional Thanksgiving, but after days of not eating, the decadent bowl of chicken soup I consumed, and mounds of crackers, hit the spot quite well.

I also finally got some nursing care, so to speak. Actually, I ended up playing nurse for family pets. Because I was not up to traveling to a family gathering for the holiday, I got some company from my daughter's pets -- two dogs and three cats.

One of the cats, a rather elderly male, is suffering from diabetes and now requires insulin shots. So, after days of medicating myself, I also got to medicate a cat.

I hate needles, and even though the needle wasn't going into me, I felt ill-prepared, and a bit squeamish about sticking a needle in another living creature. But overall, the cat probably handled the whole ordeal with less stress and discomfort than I felt.

I wasn't too thrilled with playing nurse, but in reality I think I got more care than I gave. After spending the better part of several days wrapped up alone in bed, it was nice to have the company. With so many critters, they all took turns cuddling up to make me feel needed and loved and warm. And they are all pretty much lazy as hell, wanted to do not much more than nap all the time, so we got along famously.

They were a little hairier than the nurses I had envisioned, but I appreciated the cuddly pampering none the less.


Gene said...

Ahhhh....from poor me to poor tom...a sure sign of recuperation! Welcome back.

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

That's it!!! You need a pet G-Man! Nothing like a kitty cat to cuddle up to at night. (Ok, maybe that's the next best thing) Seriously, you should look into getting a cat or a small dog if your apartments allows for it. You do have to feed them on a daily basis though. ;-)

I am glad you're on the mend my friend. And that you had some furry friends to keep you company.

Sending healing (((HUGS))) your way.


The G-man said...

Oh, you mean I'm supposed to feed the critters in my charge? I knew I was forgetting something.
Where I live does allow pets, but they make you pay and arm and a leg to have them. I was all set to get a pet some time back until I found out the price of the deposit and the increase in monthly rent. I decided I have to be content to visit friends' and family's pets for a while and maybe a temporary guest now and then.

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