Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Three questions

I was having trouble coming up with a blog topic for today, so I opted to seek out a meme.

This comes from the blog DailyThree.

1. What temperature do you consider to be "cold" or when you would need to wear warm clothes?

Anything below 60 degrees is cold for me, but that makes me sound like a wimp. Certainly anything below 50 gets cold. And any temperature where you can see your breath gets into the frickin' cold category

2. What is a typical winter like in your area? What are the average temps this time of year?

Winter here is typically rainy and chilly. (Although the news today was of snow falling in the higher elevations near Portland and through the mountain passes) Compared to most parts of the country, the winters are pretty mild. Average daytime temps (off the top of my head, not looking at actual weather norms) is probably somewhere in the 50s, with nighttime lows in the the 40s or upper 30. Of course all that goes out the window when the skies are clear, and temperatures can dip down below freezing at night.

3. If you live in a cooler climate, what is it that you enjoy most about it? Why do you choose to remain living there? If you live in a warmer climate, have you ever visited places that were seasonably cold? What did you like or dislike about it?

To be honest, I don't really care for the climate, but the weather here does make this a beautiful place when the sun shines and the skies are clear. The lush greenery of the evergreen trees makes a lovely contrast with the blue skies and snow-capped mountains in the winter time. Even the fall foliage, which is mostly gone now, is picturesque. I don't live here for the climate. I live here for my family and for my job. But I lived 10 years in Southern California, 5 in Palm Springs, where the winter daytime temperature can reach 70, or close to it. Now that was a climate I loved and a place I would live again for the climate alone.

I hope wherever you are when you are reading this, you are surrounded by comfort and warmth.


Gene said...

Palm Springs forecast for today: 76/52. Brrr.

MJ said...

Gene beat me to it!

The G-man said...

Gene, MJ, I say this will love and respect: I hate you both. Go ahead, keep taunting me with your sunshine and 76 degrees in November (which I miss tremendously), and I may just end up on your doorstep carrying a suitcase.

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