Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Of course I'm an elections official, I have a plastic storage tub ballot box, don't I?

I never got around to mailing in my ballot, so I had to take it to an official drop-off location in order to ensure my vote was tallied today. In this age of concerns about identity fraud and the sanctity of the ballot box, Oregon's system is a joke.

For one thing, the ballot envelope you have to return has your name and address on the outside and it also requires you to sign the outside of the envelope. So any mail thief could not only know where I live but have my signature to begin their forgery practice on.

But what really got me was the lunacy of a system where you drive down the street, pull up to strangers on a street corner and hand them a ballot inside the aforementioned envelop so they can slip it into a plastic tub you could buy at any department store with a whole cut in the front that has a piece of paper taped to the front of it, which designates it's official status as a "ballot box."

As I was driving away from the drop off station next to the of the Marion County Courthouse I realized I didn't even see if my ballot make it into the box. All I saw was the man I handed the ballot envelope to who passed my vital vote to another man, who happened to be standing closer to the allegedly secure ballot box.

Yea, there's no prospects for voter fraud anywhere in Oregon's election system.

None what so over.

I so have (no) faith my vote was properly counted.

And I didn't even get a damn sticker.

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