Monday, November 05, 2007

A decidedly darker day

So, what happened to all that daylight time we saved? Shouldn't we have enough banked, with interest, so that we could spend a little now and people who leave work at 5 p.m. wouldn't have to endure driving home after sunset? Obviously they are not up to the task.

Today was the first workday following the time change and it appeared to me that workday commuters here in Salem seemed to be having extraordinary difficulty negotiating the twilight drive. Idiots were out in abundance at every intersection. People trying to pull out and cross traffic in rush hour. Even business parking lots were filled with impatient morons trying to get five more feet in an all-fired hurry.

It was as if the dimming light turned every driver into a dimwit. Pedestrians weren't any brighter, as I saw about four people standing in the middle of a narrow residential street, in the apparent aftermath of a fender-bender, running the risk of being run-down by drivers who could not see them on the dark street.

How long will it be before daylight saving time returns? I need as much light as possible to see the idiots coming at me from all directions in what should be a simple 4-mile commute.


Gene said...

Idiots and morons and dimwits, oh my!

OK. I need a little assistance. What's a "nablopomo?"

The G-man said...

It's a contraction of sorts, or a psuedo-acronym for National Blog Posting Month.

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