Saturday, April 02, 2005

Bad blogger

How lame am I?

I posted more while I was on vacation than I have since I've been home.

Would you believe that it's been a busy week?

Anyone buying that?



GRT said...

Returning from vacation is always a time to see exactly how much one does during a normal work week.

Now, does that have anything to do with procrastination? Nah.

Procrastination is procrastination.

On the other hand, if you suffer from B.S., as I do, then you have a doctor's permission to do something else and not become identified as a procrastinator.

It's "tired blood," you see.

3rd Times a Charm said...

I wondered what happened to you! I did post a comment yesterdat, asking "where are you? And low and behld it disappeared! The comments section of Blogger has not bee too reliable this past week.

Sometmes making it virtually impossible to comment on sites. I tried several times on Brat's site, and they never went thru to begin with.

It went thru on your site, then disappeared.

Glad your back, and that you had such a wonderful vacation! :-)

Let's see if this one appears.

Brat said...

If I didn't know better (since I talked to you once this week) I would think you were;
A. Dead
B. Avoiding us
C. Tied to you PC trying to beat a new computer game.

Brat said...

3T, I thought no one was reading my blog! I was all depressed!

3rd Times a Charm said...


I ALWAYS read your blog! :-)
Unfortunately, I'm tellin' ya blogger has been a nightmare lately! Even posts arn't going thru easy. Comments have been the biggest mess!
Whatever it was, I think they have it fixed now, or looks that way.

The G-man said...

Hey, what's the big idea with readers commenting back and forth to each other? Don't you all realize this blog is all about me?

My needs. My insecurities. My desires.

Me. Me. Me!

All praise is welcome. Criticism can be taken somewhere else.

Sorry, I spent all last week with a teenager. I think some of the attitude wore off on me.

Brat said...

G-man, you have had an attitude as long as I have known you! I am thinking smartass or pain in the ass!

Brat said...

You are still a bad blogger! We are still waiting for a real post from you. What is your excuse today?

Brat said...

And yet, you continue to be bad. Are you in a funk?

Brat said...

Or just a brat?

The G-man said...

Apparently my subscribers are angry. So much for the planned rate increase.

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