Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ex! Why? And Zzzzzs!

I am pissed at my ex. Why? Well, she's been invading my dreams and I'm not happy about it. I thought, and pardon my language, but I thought I'd put that bitch behind me. And now she keeps showing up in my dreams.

I haven't seen this woman since the end of August. I haven't talked to her in months. Why doesn't she leave my subconscious alone?

Last night, while I was sleeping, minding my own business, she shows up. Unannounced. Uninvited. But there she is. In my dream. And I'm not sure why. She shows up at my place, and basically makes it known she's back. Now, I ask what's up, naturally, and she also makes it known that she's going to be also working at my place of employment.

And she also makes it known that we are once again sleeping in the same bed. This happens because we end up in the same bed. And I get hot, because I'm not used to sleeping with two people in one bed. And we are snuggled up, you might say. In a spoon position. So, I get warm and take off my shirt. Well, the next thing you know, we are both naked and spooning. Well, I didn't bargain for this. And somehow in the conversation she makes it known that she doesn't plan to stay. By this winter, she plans to be gone.

The dream doesn't go any farther really because shortly thereafter I wake up, because my alarm goes off.

But still, I'm a bit put out. How did this happen? Why is she there? I didn't invite her into my subconscious. In fact, I have tried to ban her thoughts and memories from my mind. But there she is. The fucking bitch!

I am not happy, and it wasn't a sex dream, so I am really not happy!



GRT said...

Time for a very cold shower.

Chick said...

What do you think she's trying to tell you?

Did you drive her nuts when you were together & this is payback...could that be it?

Brat said...

I am convinced you need to stop sleeping all together! We need a better way of controling those dreams. Is there something worng with me? I don't gream about my ex?

The G-man said...

Gene, is that that the best advice you can offer?

And Chick, I will resist the urge to get defensive. Only she can say if I drove her nuts. But the dreams are driving me a little nuts.

Brat, I don't know if I can do with out sleep all together. And I've been dreaming about work too. It's nightmares all around!

Brat said...

Not good, not good at all. Well, as long as you are not dreaming about having sex at work, then that is good. Of course that kinda beats my office fantasy now doesn't it?

dick said...

wow I wish my ex showed up in my dreams so I could hack her up into a lot of pieces every night..mmm..nice

Julie said...

first - dick, i think a medication adjustment might be in order.. :)

I used to do that about an ex, and he was always betraying me somehow in my dreams, really pissed me off everytime I dreamed about him. Before I got married, I dreamt about a lot of ex's.
You are just still processing the relationship - your dream might mean she is still lingering around and soon (winter) you will let go of her... hell I don't know.
good luck w/ it. us damn women!

The G-man said...

Thanks for stopping by Julie. The irony is, she was the one that was in to dream analysis. She'd wake up in the morning sometimes and pull out this book to look for what her dreams may have meant.

I may have figured out why she was on my mind again though. I found some pictures of her on my computer at work the other day. Stumbled across them. I tossed them out, but it may have brought her and the image of her out of mothballs.

Ari said...

Probably she's showing up in your dreams because you're suppressing thoughts of her.

When I was a kid and I didn't want to have vampire nightmares, the more I tried not to think about vamps, the more I had them.

So I just started pointedly, purposely thinking about them for a few minutes before sleep. It worked. No more nightmares. I faced it, so it went away.

Not sure if you want to do that, but it's a thought: work through what's tying your mind around the knots of her.

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