Friday, April 22, 2005

Why do we care about celebrities?

Who do people get so enthralled with what is happening in the lives of celebrities? Yea, so Britney Spears is pregnant? What the hell does that mean to our lives? But just plug her name and the word pregnant into a search engine and, bam, there are sites all over the place offering tidbits on her, her husband (whatever his name is) and their unborn child.

Not today, I was hearing somewhere about the latest hot gossip about the new Bennifer, Ben
Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Supposedly they are getting married. Hopefully, if it's true, the second engagement to a Jennifer will work out better than the first.

Speaking of the first Bennifer, what ever happened to
Jennifer Lopez? She marries Marc Anthony and then falls off the gossip radar. Maybe that's what she wanted, and is living quite happily without the white hot glare of the media spotlight.

I don't get it. Maybe I got it better when I was a teenager. I couldn't live without the latest issue of Tigerbeat. Does that magazine even still exist? And how lame am I to admit I used to read Tigerbeat?


MontiLee said...

I had TigerBeat and BOP when I was a kid so I'll join you in your shame corner.

J.Lo just got smart and married a man who's celebrity would never eclipse hers. Basically, no one cares anymore.

And I also have to wonder what teh dela is with the Britney news - so, White Trash from Louisiana got pregnant. This is news?

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

I's strange. I read these things and ask myself "Do I really care at all???" Yet then I become entralled by E! True Hollywood Story. I'm a study in contradictions.


Julie said...

I remember the issues of tiger beat w/ pictures of shaun cassidy and parker stevens on the cover..... all that cheesy feathery hair... memories

Ari said...

Also guilty of reading Tiger Beat. :(

Ari said...

Still exists apparently...

Ari said...

OK, not to belabor the point (any more) but here are some covers of old issues... ;)

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