Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Someone left the metro out of my sexual

This whole metrosexual trend may be my undoing. Apparently I'm not even gay enough to be straight.

I found this quiz, via MJ at
Friday Fishwrap.

And of course I had to take the quiz. I'm not quite sure I know what to make of the results. But as with all quizzes about live, love, etc., this one seems to indicate I need help.

It says: "G-Man is 33% gay! Loosen up my straight mate! These days women like a man with softer edges to grab onto."

Soft edges I've got. What I don't have is lucky underwear.

How gay are you?


Brat said...

Hmmm...Did you see my results? Looks like I am perfect! Of course you knew that!

Chick said...

Took the quiz over at Brat's...

Turns out I'm 33% gay & they called me a girlie girl.

That's about right : )

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