Saturday, April 16, 2005

We can do better people

The following was posted by Hoss over at Old Horsetail Snake:

Somebody tipped me to a site that lists the frequency of use of 86,000 words on the Internet. "The" is No. 1. "Fucking" is No. 3048. Which means there are 82,952 less important things than fucking. But 3,047 things MORE important? Not likely. (This site is G rated. The paragraph above is for educational purposes only, and any Government Agency seeking to deny Ol' Hoss clearance can go to Hades. I didn't say "Hell," because that's a dirty word. And while you're in Hades, go fuck yourself.)

Come on people, we can do better than that. Let's get out there and fuck up the Internet. Fuck it up! Fuck it up. Let's get the fuck on top!

And now for something completely different.
I was reading a blog site tonight by a blogger who has decided to hang it up. I'm not sure why, but it sounded like people were getting a bit personal in their comments to the blogger. Which is such a shame. And it got me thinking of this saying that we used to have hanging up in the dark room of the college newspaper office. I used to love the saying. I haven't thought about it in years, but I think I need to resurrect it into my life. The saying is:
Here's a link that explains the origin of the phrase.
I have often thought about getting a tattoo, but wrote it off long ago because I could never think of anything I would want permanently emblazoned on my skin. But this might just be the tattoo phrase. Those are indeed words to live by (particularly if fucking is down around No. 3,000 on your personal hit parade).

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Ari said...

Such a tattoo would indeed be greatness. :)

I concur on why not to get one, though, that whatever I got I'd be sick of within a year. And also, now that everyone has one, it's less cool. But that's just me being oppositional.

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