Saturday, June 25, 2005

2-for-1 coupons for the stripper buffet

Yes, a couple of commenters have outted me. It's true. I've gone to strip clubs before. With women.

The first time was actually a woman taking me to a strip club. She wanted to show me where she worked. I won't say who this woman is, but she is part of my extended family, and she had been working at a strip club in Southern California.
Of course she had an exotic, and odd, stage name. I had told her about how a cousin of mine called dollar bills used to tip strippers buffet coupons. So, "Hunter" and I hung out at her club for a little while, then we went to another club that I knew of in Colton.

We went through a few buffet coupons and had a fun time. I have to admit it was fun to go to a club where men pay to see women take their clothes of with a lovely woman on your arm.

Of course, it was also quite interesting on another strip to teach lesbians how to cash in buffet coupons at a stripper buffet.

But maybe that's a story for another post.


Brat said...

Oh, do tell! I hear you have all kinds of stories! What do you think ladies, should I start posting all of his secrets over on my blog? I need something to write about afterall!

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

I have gone to several strip clubs, with my boyfriend and without him. It's not a bad time at all!

grace said...

i've been to a few strip clubs... uhm... yeah...

Dave Morris said...

My wife and I have been several times and you're right, it's better when you take a beautiful woman with you.

This one stripper who looked really familiar came running across the room and gave my wife a big hug. It turned out to be a woman we're friends with - and we had no idea she was a stripper. I got a bare breasted hug from her, something I thought would never happen!

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