Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Agreeing to disagree

A while back I wrote a post about a movie that I had just watched called "Closer." Well, today, one of my favorite bloggers, Chick, wrote a review of the same film. And, I have to admit, we did not agree on the merits of this flick.

So, in the interests of offering an opposing viewpoint, I thought I would offer readers here a change to get a different perspective from mine, if they so choose to do so. Sort of a blogging version of a point-counterpoint.

I have to admit, in that spirit, I was tempted to start my post off by saying: "Chick, you ignorant slut..." a la Dan Ackroyd and Saturday Night Live. But then I figured I might piss off one of my favorite bloggers, and would definitely show my age by divulging to anyone able to decifer the Dan Ackroyd-Jane Curtain SNL reference that I was old enough to have watched that show in the late '70s (but I was quite young, I assure you).

So, instead, I'll leave it to the rest of you ignorant sluts out there to decide, who was right: Me in my commentary on "Closer" or Chick in hers?


Laurie said...

Haven't seen it but it would have been funny if you'd started that way. Love you Chick!

grace said...

i loved it...

i am however, an ignorant slut :P heheh.

Tisha from Texas said...

I haven't watched it and probably wont. The subject is too close for comfort, and I'd rather pay money to escape reality. Give me a hair Wookie over infidelity any day. BUT I liked both of your reviews (playing the Clinton waffle now).

GRT said...

Yours. Hands down.
It was interesting to see how non-gays have similar relationship difficulties to those of us who are blessed.
Her comment, though, had a wonderful pun with "retched" film as opposed to "wretched" film. That shows a very good knowledge of the language and the subtleties therein...

3rdtimesacharm ( 3T ) said...

I actually payed good money to go sit in the theater and watch these souless, self centered creatures play swapping games.
I love all the actors and actresses in this film, so I was excited to see it. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything remotely likable in ANY of the characters.
I'd have to say (after the fact) I'm with Tisha from Texas...I want to escape reality. So sorry G-Man, Chick has my vote. Although your review post was exceptional!

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